The easiest and most frequently employed method for incorporating decorative features into rotomolded parts is to simply include the decoration in the design of the mold. Engraved logos and textured surfaces are very often produced with this technique.

Multi-colored graphics of any shape, size, or color can be applied to the hot surface of the mold immediately before the cycle begins. These graphics are bonded to the plastic during the molding process and become a permanent addition to the molded part. This permanence represents a vast improvement over labels or stickers. Graphics can also be applied as a secondary operation.

It is often said that rotomolded parts cannot be painted. While it is true that rotomolded polyethylene does not provide an ideal surface for painting, certain formulations of the material can make it easier. As this award-winning product demonstrates, beautifully painted rotomolded parts can be achieved under the right conditions.

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