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Awards and Honors

Formed Plastics is very proud to have received a wide range of awards over the years, honors that reflect both individual and company-wide achievements. Below are details about some of our award-winning products. Visit our IndividualSafety, and Customer awards pages for more information.

Product Awards

A highlight of the annual meeting of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) is a products competition. Members are encouraged to enter new products from the past year that represent their most impressive work. There are several different categories, and the entries are voted on by ARM membership. Formed Plastics award-winning products include the following:

2013 Winner of Conversion Award: Boat/Dock Protector

This handsome rotomolded part helped a local entrepreneur revolutionize his product line and truly stand out in the dock-protection market. For years, his company has sold a canvas product that protects boats and docks from damage caused by mooring mishaps. He came to Formed Plastics looking for a more cost-effective replacement, and our engineering team worked with him to develop a rotomolded part that represented an improvement over the original in every way.

The closely spaced double-wall construction gives the part the necessary strength to survive the rigors of the docking environment, and the various color options available allow our customer to tailor the product to the cosmetic tastes of his customers. Look out for it at your local marina!

2012 Winner of Product of the Year & Innovative/State-of-the Art Award: Ball Sanitizing Machine Housing

A company in the sporting equipment business came to us in the spring with this extraordinarily ambitious and challenging project. They had promised the US Olympic Volleyball Team that their new ball-sanitizing machine would be ready for use at the 2012 Games in London, and the unit needed to be designed, manufactured, and delivered on a very tight timeline. Our engineering team worked closely with the customer to design a rotomolded housing for the unit that met their numerous requirements and also kept costs to a minimum. The project was a success, and our customer was able to deliver finished units in time for the games.

The housing's unique design utilizes the same double-walled rotomolded part for both the upper and lower halves of the assembly. Molded features include an assymetric hinge area at the rear and an interior ramp that guides the ball towards an injection-molded auger.  The US volleyball teams did not bring home the gold from London, but -- thanks to this machine -- they did not bring home any germs either.


2012 Winner of Conversion Award: Dental Waste Collection Tank

A longtime customer in the dental equipment business wanted to make a big splash with a new waste collection unit that could service 20 dental stations in one location. They were also looking to cut costs by converting to rotomolding from fabricated stainless steel. We worked with them to design a tank that could withstand 18 inches of vacuum in a controlled enviroment of 100 degrees F for over 80 hours.

The tank is molded from HDPE and has a minimum wall thickness of .350". Nearly all of the tank's features are molded into the part, including all threaded ports. The tank has been a huge success, helping our customer save over $100/unit over the stainless steel model it replaced.


2011 Winner of Innovative/State-of-the Art Award: 3-piece MRI Housing Assembly

When our customer -- one of the largest businesses in the world -- was designing a state-of-the-art MRI machine, they came to us with a lengthy list of requirements for its rotomolded housing. It had to be UL94 V-0 rated, aesthetically appealing, virtually seamless, and paintable. Injection molding was out of the question due to the low projected volume, and traditional thermoforming would not work due to the complex geometry of the part. Working together with the customer, we developed a rotationally molded set of covers made from a custom flame-retardant LLDPE resin. The molded parts could be painted with a Class A finish -- an achievement unprecedented in the industry.

2009 Winner of Conversion Award: Water Purification System Housing

While visiting our booth at a design show, a potential customer in the water-purification industry noticed the impressive structural strength of our rotomolded parts. We discussed with the customer how rotomolding would address some critical issues they were having with their current steel control panel, including high cost and corrosion. Working jointly with our customer, a design was developed that lowered the overall cost, decreased assembly labor and weight, and was resistant to chemical attack. The finished part has a 1/2" wall, stands nearly five feet tall, and has 46 inserts and helicoils.


2009 Winner of Recycled Award: Rolling Sidewalk Sign Holder

This project began when a longtime customer in the display business wanted to offer his customers an outdoor sign holder that could be transported with ease. We worked with the customer to create this elegant design, which includes molded-in inserts to allow for a wheel assembly. The design and features of the part capitalize on some of rotomolding's most attractive features. The combination of sound aesthetics and functionality has made the product one of our customer's biggest sellers.

QLA Sign DLX-MB SALE rolling

2008 Winner of Innovative/State-of-the Art Award: Research Equipment Cart Assembly

After years of using an off-the-shelf baby stroller to transport its underground radar equipment, our customer contacted us looking for help on creating a three-piece assembly that would be a worthy partner for the high-tech equipment it carried. The new unit, molded from cross-linked polyethylene for its strength, sets up and disassembles easily for transport to remote sites. The handle and chassis frame, both molded from LLDPE, incorporate 36 molded-in brass inserts at tolerances tight enough to ensure that the three assembly components are reliably interchangeable.


2008 Winner of Recycled Award: 2-part Recycling Bin

When an environmentally conscious company came to us looking for help with developing its next line of recycling bins, we were happy to help. The product needed to fit within a tight footprint, be strong enough to withstand daily abuse by the public, and stay under tight budgetary constraints. We were able to meet all of their requirements and have molded thousands of these bins from recycled, environmentally friendly material.

2006 Winner of Product of the Year: Lab Reservoir with Integrated Site Glass

When a Fortune-500 manufacturer of scientific instruments needed a reservoir designed with an integrated site glass tube, many other rotomolders quickly no-quoted the job. Formed Plastics' engineers rolled up their sleeves and worked hand-in-hand with the customer to develop a creative and cost-effective method for producing this state-of-the-art tank. Nearly 6 years later, it remains a fixture in the industry and is one of Formed Plastics' best-selling products ever. Its success serves as a continual reminder of the rewards that can be gained from simply keeping an open mind and being willing to take chances on atypical products and applications.

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