Formed Plastics Lighting Outshines Them All

Formed Plastics proprietary post-top globes, refractors, and spheres have been lighting the way in municipalities throughout the country for years. The methods we use to produce our lighting products may have changed with technological advances over the years, but a traditional sense of pride and insistence on quality have remained the same. Since our lighting products can be found in every major city in the country, we always want to make sure that they look great!

Lighting Selection Guide

Polycarbonate or Acrylic

  • Our polycarbonate products are virtually unbreakable, and have UV stabilizers that ensure a long outdoor life without signs of wear
  • Our acrylic products have less impact strength than polycarbonate, but have superior resistance to aging and environmental effects


The Original Plastic Streetlight Globes

Formed Plastics' proprietary line of lighting products was launched in the early 1960s when our local utility asked for help in dealing with widespread vandalism of its glass streetlight globes. Formed Plastics responded by developing a nearly unbreakable plastic globe and the utility was thrilled with the results. Before long, utilities, municipalities, property-management companies, shopping malls, and even homeowners nationwide were interested in purchasing Formed Plastics' unbreakable plastic globes. This innovation was largely responsible for the 2011 induction of our founder, Thomas J. Long, into the Plastics Hall of Fame.

Guide to Formed Plastics Part Numbers for Post Top Globes

Example: FP118-8PCC

FP118 is the model number; this refers to the distinctive style of the globe. Alternatives are FP107, FP108, FP109, FP192, FP197, FP199.

-8 = neck size (several globes are available with either an 8" or 9" neck)

PC = polycarbonate. Alternatives are AC for acrylic or PE for polyethylene

C= clear. Alternative is W for white

Lighting Stocked in New York and Ohio

To help keep shipping costs low for our customers around the country, many of our lighting products are kept in stock at both our New York plant and our Ohio warehouse. Please note that a 25% restocking fee will be applied to returns, except those resulting from defective products or an error by Formed Plastics. Spheres with customer-specified hole dimensions (any part number ending in -H) are not eligible for return.

Recent Lighting Projects

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