• An Experienced Team of
  • Manufacturing Professionals

Why Formed Plastics

An Experienced Team of Manufacturing Professionals

Throughout its history, Formed Plastics has endeavored to provide its employees with a rewarding place to work. By placing an emphasis on problem solving and cross-training, we aim to empower all of our employees to become active members of the Formed Plastics team.

Our outstanding employee retention rates are a direct result of these efforts. Our employees have an average of 15 years with the company, and several in our management team can boast of 30 or even 40 years with Formed Plastics.

This wealth of experience is an enormous asset to our customers. No matter how unique or challenging your particular design may seem, chances are that our team has seen something like it before. If not, we'll still be up to the challenge -- some of the projects that we're most proud of started out as drawings that no other processors were even willing to quote!


A Wide Range of Processes Under One Roof

As the saying goes: when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you take your design to a plastics processer that only offers one service, your options will be severely limited. Changes may have to be made to your part design to accommodate the limitations of the process. At Formed Plastics, we specialize in a diverse set of processes that allow us to accommodate to our customers' wishes, not to our own limitations.

This fundamental diversity gives us the unique ability to provide our potential customers with a wide variety of options in determining the best way to produce their part. It is not unusual for a customer to begin working with us on producing a part designed for one process, only to switch to another after in-depth discussions with our engineering team. We also have a history of successful projects that combine two or more of our processes.

In the nearly seven decades that Formed Plastics has been in business, innumerable trends in design and manufacturing have come and gone; so too have periodic economic forecasts declaring the imminent demise of manufacturing in the USA.  Thanks in large part to the flexibility afforded by our process diversity and our willingness to adapt to our customers' ever-changing requirements, Formed Plastics has thrived throughout its history and continues to grow each year.


Engineering and Design Assistance from Start to Finish

Whether you're starting with a sketch on the back of a napkin or a blueprint/CAD file that has gone through multiple levels of approval, Formed Plastics is happy to work with you on taking your project to the next level. Our engineering team can draw on decades of experience in successfully producing plastic parts to make recommendations that will lead to easier processing, lower costs, and an altogether more successful project.

Our engineering team has extensive experience not only within our own processes, but also many other manufacturing areas such as injection molding and sheet-metal fabrication. This diverse range of expertise is useful for customers who are considering switching their design from another process or even another material. Every project is unique, and our team is capable of offering informed guidance based on your individual goals and budget.


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